Sunday, October 17, 2010


And thanks for stopping by Your (Nerdy) Big Sister! We hope you'll enjoy your stay here! We intend to be your one-stop source for young nerdy and geeky girls everywhere!

So what are we, exactly? Well, for one, we're pretty empty, right now! But we hope to change that. That's where YOU come in! We need your help. If you can't help, we need your friends' help. If not them, friends of friends. Anyone willing to contribute and get their voice heard!

Being a nerd/geek can be rough, especially when you're young and just finding your nerd legs. For this writer, her preteen years were spent trying to figure out what the big deal was with the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC was when there were Pokemon to collect and fan art to draw. Things aren't easy, but having someone there to help along the way can make things easier. Here's that place, and here are those people. Nerdy and geeky ladies of young and old, here to offer advice, insight, stories, and news of their own.

Who and what we're looking for:
* Women who work in a nerdy or geeky industry of some sort
* Stories of nerdery and geekery from school days
* Commentary from our young nerd and geek girls about what it is to be a nerd or geek nowadays.
* Writers
* Fanfiction writers and fanartists
* Cosplayers and makeup artists
* Filmmakers
* LARPers and RPers
* Fansubbers and fandubbers
* Website, forum owners (of nerdy and/or geeky sites! ^_~)
* Gamers
* Actresses
* Web comic authors
* Jedi
* Collectors of all kinds
* Cosplay designers/wig stylists
* Trekkers
* Theater/Band geeks, former and current
* Club owners
* Musicians
* Artists
* Animators
* Movie buffs
* Blog authors
* Anime uber-fans
* Computer nerds
* Science geeks
* Con-goers
* Shameless self-promoters
* Pirates and/or ninjas
* "Old school" fans of any sort
* Those who had nerdy/geeky weddings
* Nerd/geek moms
* Nerd/geek wives, girlfriends, fiances
* Moms of nerds/geeks
* Anyone to find and send in nerd or geekworthy news
* Anyone to arrange/do interviews
* Anything else you can think of that's not listed here

We need your stories. Your advice. Your news. We need to know what's important to YOU. We want to know your questions while bringing you news you'll love. You're going to be a big part of this. If there's a subject you want to talk about, an article you want to write (or several, we'd love continuing contributors!), or some story you'd like to share, feel free to drop us a line! (and guys, don't you feel left out, either! We want to hear from you, too!).

Being and young nerd and/or geek can be hard. We want to make things a little easier for you and show you that you're not alone out there. Plenty of us have been through it, and we want to share our stories and advice with you. But above all, we want you to know that you're awesome, that there's no shame in being a geek or a nerd, and that you can grow up and still keep your Starfleet uniform, D&D board, or lightsaber.

(note: any submissions/ideas should be appropriate for a teen audience. No adult subject matter, please!)

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Marina said...

Hm, well I volunteer at a local theatre and do tons of other theatre stuff, which is kind of geeky. And I'm a member of a creative writing club. I'm sure I can come up with some geeky stories. :)